Each website template presented in this collection has a wide range of visual effects available. The presented visual enhancements make the design of your website attractive for online users due to the alluring animation effect. The parallax visual effect adds a three-dimensional effect by scrolling the background slowly than the content. Purchasing our parallax Shopify themes, you can get a website with a modern design that attracts users’ attention from the first sight. However, the parallax effect is not the last feature of Shopify themes in this selection. Let’s review all the features and visual effects available.

Exclusive Parallax Shopify Theme for E-Store

The design of Shopify website templates is unique and corresponds to a particular niche. Thus, you can grab a theme that suits all your needs on 100% and fill it with content within one hour. The demo content comes with parallax Shopify themes. Thus, you can use it with no restrictions. All images are license-free and provided in the original dimension with a Shopify parallax theme. The diversity of visual effects impress and provide excellent user experience by highlighting particular elements and pointing out calls to action.

Top Shopify Parallax Effect Themes 2024

Template Name Sales Price
Auto Parts Responsive Shopify Theme 190 69
Car Tuning Shopify Theme 111 69
Pet Shop Responsive Shopify Theme 102 69
Fun Toys Shop Shopify Theme 68 69
Charming Jewelry Shopify Theme 54 69

Hover Effects in Parallax Shopify Themes

By using a hover effect on our website, you can highlight particular elements and gain the overall design. Change the background color of blocks and buttons when a cursor points on a certain element with no coding. However, you can make additional elements appear once a user points an item on your website. Once a product is selected by a mouse pointer, its preview image changes, and special visual effects appear. You can completely change the visual appeal of some elements on your website. Additionally, you can set images to zoom in when a user hovers over them. With the help of hover effects, you can make the navigation process straightforward and improve the design of a website’s storefront. Discover our collection of Shopify website templates with marvelous pre-build hover effects.

Excellent UX and Animation Effects

Build a website the attracts users’ attention from first sight and helps customers to navigate properly by using visual effects. Professional UX specialists built the design of parallax Shopify themes. Thus all elements combined correctly to make the process of using a website smooth and easy. Attractive color combinations and motion effects make the navigation on a website smooth and easy. Animation effects keep users’ attention to the message you are delivering and help to navigate properly. A large variety of motion effects is available from the box.

One Click Installation and Easy Content Managing

The installation process of parallax Shopify themes is easy and requires no coding skills at all. You can launch a ready-to-go website and start selling online within a few clicks. Upload a Shopify theme to your server and initiate the installation process. The system will make all the adjustments by itself. Thus, there is no technical background required. The installation process may take up to 15 minutes, even if you are a novice. However, if you meet some issues installing a single product Shopify theme or need qualified assistance, refer to our user’s guide or customer care team. Our technical support team works 24/7 and provide support via emails and live chats. Furthermore, the user’s guide has a large variety of step-by-step guides on how to use a parallax theme Shopify and manage the content.

Convenient to Use Admin Panel

The plug and play interface provides the ability to edit your website, add products, and apply visual effects with no effort. With the help of the built-in admin panel, you have full access to your website and can administer it without editing even a line of code. The mobile-friendly design is the primary requirement for modern websites on the Internet. Thus, all parallax Shopify themes use bootstrap technology. The system will adjust the content and render your site accordingly to the width of a previewed device. However, if you are an experienced web developer and familiar with coding, you can tune up a Shopify parallax theme updating a website’s source files on your server. All .js and .css files are available for updating.

Ecommerce Features of Parallax Shopify Themes

Shopify website templates have a lot of effective tools for selling products online. A ready-to-use parallax theme Shopify provides the ability to add new products and their descriptions, upload photos, and configure the grid with products on the storefront in one click. The system creates collections of top-selling and related products and updates them by itself. Thus, it will save time and automate almost every business process for you. Moreover, the system can help you to launch promotion campaigns in your eStore. Create and share promotion codes to attract new visitors or provide discount codes to those who subscribed to your newsletter. The backend interface of the admin panel has all the necessary tools to build a successful e-store.

The functionality of parallax Shopify themes helps to manage currencies, change languages, or hide products from the storefront with no effort. Every aspect of a Shopify theme free of limits and fully adjustable. By using the admin panel, you can manage product variants, add new categories, and create new collections, manage featured and unique products, and tag products on your website. Tags will help your website visitors to find a group with appropriate products in one click. By using the Price Drop and New Arrivals tags, you can lead your clients to the pages with the newest or the cheapest products.

Gift Cards Feature on Parallax Shopify Themes

Sell gift vouchers as a product or provide gift cards as for free. The system allows you to generate gift cards with any amount. When a customer purchases a gift card on your website, he receives an email with a personal voucher code framed by the image of a gift card.

Products Import and Bulk Files Upload

If you migrate your e-store from another platform or already have a list of products, you can add import all your products in a few clicks. Please note that only a CSV file should be used to import a list of products. By using this file, you can import an unlimited amount of products to your e-store and keep all the properties and variants of products. It will save your time by avoiding you from the necessity to add products manually in the admin panel.

Key Features of the Admin Panel

The control panel is web-based and can be accessed from any device that has access to the Internet. Thus, you can maintain parallax Shopify themes, manage sales, and add new products from any location. You can work on your website on the road by using any portable device or start updating the content in one place and finish and complete the process in a different location. All the progress stores on a web server. The system applies all the modifications simultaneously. Moreover, there is an application for smartphones available. Thus, you can check sale reports on the mobile dashboard, manage inventory, email and call customers by using a smartphone in your hand.

User Registration and Multiple Admin Users

All website themes provide the ability to create personal accounts. Once a personal account is registered, a user gets the ability to make purchases quickly. Also, each website user gets access to a personal dashboard to manage purchases, get receipts, and add personal details. Using personal accounts on parallax Shopify themes, your website users can save their personal and delivery details to make new purchases fast. Moreover, the system combines registered users by groups and provide special prices or discounts for particular groups of users. Thus, you can display reduced prices to B2B clients with no effort.

The ability to create an unlimited amount of admin users and restrict their permissions is a beneficial feature for entrepreneurs who use the help of dedicated managers to gain their business. You can add a limitless amount of users who can manage your website and update the content. To keep responsive Shopify themes safe, you can limit admin access for particular users separately. Parallax Shopify themes provide the ability to pick up sections that a particular admin user can access by selecting checkboxes in the admin panel.

Password Protection of the Storefront

To limit the access to a storefront page, you can make this page password protected. The system will display the content of the storefront page after entering a correct password. Hence, only those who know the access code can preview your website on the Internet and place an order. Moreover, you can use the password-protected feature to secure your website from bots.

Countdown Timer on Promotion Banners

Banners that advertise services inform about price drops and new arrivals are an essential part of any successful website on the Internet. You can manage promo banners in parallax Shopify themes with no technical experience or coding skills. The system allows adding countdown timers that show how much time left to the end of a promotion campaign. Do not hesitate to use this feature on your site. Hence, it is the most powerful call to action that motivates clients to make a purchase.

Olark Live Chat Feature

It is vital to stay in touch with your clients to fulfill their requests and help to place an order on a website. Parallax Shopify themes have the built-in live chat feature that provides the ability to contact clients directly on a website. A button that opens a live chat popup hovers over the content and opens per click. Once a user clicks on the live chat button, a popup with a live chat appears. If there are no customer care managers available, a website user gets the ability to leave an offline message.

Step by Step Video Guides on Parallax Shopify Themes

Inform your customers about your location and help to navigate to your office with Google Maps help. In case you don’t know how to change a companies address on a Shopify parallax theme, use our video tutorial with detailed instructions on how to set up your website

Far-Reaching User’s Guide About Parallax Shopify Themes

If you don’t want to watch video tutorials and prefer getting info from written resources, check out our blog. There are a lot of guides that will help you to tune up a parallax theme Shopify and launch a professional website even if you have no experience in web development. Follow our Shopify design guide with helpful tips, principles, and description of all the aspects of parallax Shopify themes.

Parallax Shopify Themes Questions and Answers

What does the parallax effect mean?

Parallax is a visual effect when the background content (image, video) moves with the foreground text at different speeds. It creates a feeling of a deep 3D effect, adds vividness to the website, and attracts more visitors on the website.

What is an example of a parallax?

You can see a parallax effect almost every day. For example, when you drive, observe the landscape from a bus window, or ride a bike. The objects close to you (roadsigns, vehicles passing by, pedestrians, etc.) will move at a higher speed. The things that are farther (buildings, trees) will move at a corresponding slow speed.

What is an example of a website with a parallax effect?

Check out this website and see how smoothly the parallax effect works on it, creating a depth effect

What is a parallax Shopify website?

A parallax Shopify website is a site with a parallax effect on its background or other elements. As it is a Shopify website, it also includes all the features needed in eCommerce.

What is the best Shopify theme with a parallax effect?

If you can’t choose a Shopify website template with parallax effect, check out the Top 50 Parallax Shopify Themes. There you can find a website for any taste.