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Icon Sets to Download - SVG, PNG, EPS, JPG, AI formats

Icon sets are widely used both digitally and on printed products.

Their popularity is not only related to their visual function. Icons can improve the user experience in many ways.

For instance, icons are globally understood. This means that people from all around the world can instantly recognize and understand their meanings with other cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Thus, you’ll make your content accessible worldwide by using them, with no need to translate our content into multiple languages, which can be expensive and may require time.

In addition, icons can enhance the readability of your content. It's possible to break the walls of text by placing them across it and dividing it into smaller and easier to read sections.

There is no doubt that icons provide multiple benefits. However, experts must create them with the help of professional software, so they will perform at their best and bring about the desired results.

Even if you're not so familiar with the use of such graphical programs or have no experience at all, you can still consider alternatives, such as buying ready-made sets of icons.

Icon Sets at Templateog体育首页

Throughout the Templateog体育首页 marketplace, you’ll find thousands of icon sets designed by experts.

Every set contains multiple icons representing a variety of objects and concepts related to the same subject. Thus, you can pick the set that best represents the industry your company operates in.

Plus, icons are available in different file formats and are compatible with multiple editing programs. This means you’ll have the maximum flexibility to edit them later on according to your needs and preferences.

As you may need to choose among thousands and thousands of icons, to make your research more straightforward, you can filter the results by price, colors, file format, compatibility, and much more. This way, you’ll get only the results you’re truly interested in.

Icon topics

As already mentioned, icons can represent objects, concepts, and actions related to many topics. Regardless of the industry you operate in, you'll find a corresponding set of icons tailored to it. The following are some of the most relevant topics you can find across the Templateog体育首页 marketplace:

How to edit icons

Although all the icon sets are ready to use, you can edit each icon embodied in the set separately. You are free to decide whether to change its colors, shapes, or overall design. The following are some of the most popular programs you can use for editing:

File formats

Icons are available in many formats. Each of the formats was designed specifically for a certain purpose. You may have to choose one or the other depending on your intended use.

The following are some of the most used and common file formats you can encounter:

  • SVG;
  • PNG;
  • EPS;
  • AI;
  • JPG;
  • CDR.

What to use icons for

Icons are multipurpose and very flexible elements. This means you can place them wherever you like or need them the most. The following are some of the most common icon placements you can take inspiration from:

How to choose the right icon pack

With thousands of icon packs to choose from, making mistakes is easier when presented with many options.

To assist you in this task, we have listed below some of the most important details to consider when choosing an icon set.

Think about the message and concept you want to represent

An icon can highlight a key benefit or concept or can summarize a concept. Therefore, you should make sure that they might perform this function as efficiently as possible. Choose the design that best represents the object, idea, or concept you want to transmit to the users.

Ensure the pack contains enough icons

If your project requires more than one icon, you should make sure that the pack you select includes all the icons you need. If you don't, you will need to purchase icons from different sets with different styles, shapes, and colors, making your content appear unprofessional and inconsistent.

Cohesive design

Icons included in the pack should have a design that is at least similar to the one you selected for the other elements on your document or website. You will be able to present your digital or printed asset with a consistent design, increasing professionalism and trustworthiness.

Right file format and program compatibility

As icons are available in many file formats, you need to choose the one that best suits your needs or preferences. If, for example, you plan to integrate the icons into your website, the SVG icon format would be more appropriate. Additionally, if you plan on using an editing program, you must ensure that the program supports and opens the icon format you have chosen. For example, if you plan to use Adobe Illustrator, you should choose the AI icon file format.

Test their comprehension

If you're unclear about a specific icon's meaning and think that some users might have trouble understanding it, run a test. You should choose a more immediately understandable graphic when people take longer than five seconds to figure out its meaning.

Icon features

Icons present some features that make them the preferred choice over traditional graphics. It's because of all of their characteristics that they are often used both digitally and in print.

We've compiled a list of some of the most relevant below for you.

Lightweight size

If compared to other traditional graphics, icons present a lightweight size. Thus, they won't cause any slowed-down performance problems with your website, app, or any other digital asset you would like to include them in.

Therefore, you will be able to add as many icons as you want without worrying about how they may affect your asset.


Icons are highly scalable graphics. This means that you can resize (zoom them in and out) and reshape them, experiencing no loss in quality, as opposed to raster graphics. You will then adapt them to any type of content and asset you intend to create or embellish.


You don't have to accompany your icons with further details and information in most cases. This is possible because users and people can almost immediately recognize their meaning and associate them with a particular object, action, or concept. As a result, you'll be able to save space for other important information, making your layout look more tidy and organized.


As aforementioned, icons are highly editable and customizable. Even when buying ready-made designs, you'll be able to edit them and change their colors, shapes, or overall styles using some appropriate and compatible editing programs. This means you can enjoy professional work while still having the chance to tailor it to your specific style and needs.

A chance of animating them

It's possible to make icons even more interesting by animating them. You can currently choose from many animations that perform when the page loads or when the user interacts with it. Animations will help your content become more engaging and will make it more enjoyable to interact with.

Benefits of using icons on your website

Many people like to use icons on any digital and printed assets because of the advantages they bring. In addition to improving the appearance, they can also significantly enhance the navigation and overall experience.

To help you get a clearer picture of these benefits, we have listed a few of the most relevant ones below.

They can break cultural barriers

The first and foremost benefit of icons is that they are understood globally. To rephrase it, people from all around the world can recognize and understand their meaning almost immediately. Therefore, using them means making your content accessible to everyone.

They can serve as dividers

Additionally, icons can also be used as dividers to break up walls of text that are very unpleasant to see and read.

You can place icons among the text and divide it into smaller and more readable parts to make it clearer. This will encourage users to read and go through your content, engaging deeper with it further.

Icons can highlight key concepts and benefits

Also, icons help to highlight key points and benefits. In other words, they can help you highlight important information about your business, product, or service. Emphasizing these concepts will be essential and can indirectly influence the decision-making process of users.

Icons can summarize complex concepts and ideas

Textual explanations of complex issues can be challenging, lengthy, and may appear confusing to users. Alternatively, you can also use icons to simplify those concepts and make them easier to view and understand.

They can enhance the navigation

Icons can also enhance navigation. For instance, you can use them as landmarks and as links between pages. This will help users orientate themselves throughout your content and navigate through it easily.

Best tips for an optimal icon usage

You must add and implement icons into your content correctly if you want to achieve the desired results.

Below we listed some of the most important tips for optimal icon usage.

Add text labels

It's a good practice to accompany icons with text labels, even if they don't require additional information to be understood. By doing so, you will eliminate any doubt or uncertainty the user may have about the icon’s meaning.

Animate them

If possible, make the icons more engaging and pleasant to see by adding animations and links. The animations can perform when the page loads or the user hover the mouse over them. Users appreciate them, and they enhance the overall experience.

Be careful not to overdo it

Although icons can be used to represent any concept or most disparate object or idea, it's better not to use them excessively. Incommensurate icon usage can make your website look messy and unprofessional, and users may be tempted to leave your website immediately.

Leave enough space between them

When placing icons into your content, make sure to leave enough space between them, both vertically and horizontally. Placing them too close to each other can create a messy and unorganized appearance.

Ensure design consistency

When implementing icons on your website or any other type of digital asset, they should present the same colors, shapes, and styles as the other elements present on your website. This will ensure consistency in the designs, which will result in a more appealing and uniform appearance.

Icon Packs Unlimited Download with og体育首页ONE

If your project requires more than a single set of icons, buying them separately might be expensive and time-consuming. A subscription to og体育首页ONE might be a better option to consider for your necessities in such a case. It will grant you access and allow you to download unlimited icon sets and many other digital graphics designed by experts from all around the world.

Icon Sets Questions and Answers

What is an icon?

An icon is a small graphical representation of an object, concept, or action related to a specific topic.

What is the best program to create and edit icons?

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best programs that expert web designers use to create and edit icons.

How to convert PNG to icons (ICO)?

To convert PNG into icons, you can use one of the following free online converters:

  • ICOconvert;
  • Zamzar;
  • Convertio;
  • CloudConvert.

What’s the best icon size?

The best icon size may depend on your intended use. You may need to choose a different size depending on where the icons will appear, for example, in an app or web page. However, you can refer to the following standard icon sizes:

  • 16x16;
  • 32x32;
  • 64x64;
  • 128x128;
  • 256x256;
  • 514x514.

What’s the best icon format for printing?

PNG is the best icon format for printing icons. It will allow you to preserve all the colors and details.